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Whether you’re a new restaurant that wants to bring customers in the door or an established restaurant looking to reconnect with the local food scene, U-Feast can help you build your brand and grow your business. We connect our community of food lovers with local restaurants, top chefs and wineries to host epic food events. Our members get the bragging rights while restaurant partners benefit from the media and marketing exposure. There is no cost to become a restaurant partner and the benefits are plenty.

Partner: Campagnolo

Craig Harding


campagnolo restaurant

“One of the toughest things in this business is staying relevant because there are so many new openings and you’re only as good as your last dish. So that really pushes you to try to broaden your audience and create exciting new things like hosting a U-Feast event. You’re going to bring in new guests and re-introduce what you’re doing to some of your old customers. So it’s just a way to just keep you out there and keep you at the forefront of the industry.”

Partner: Wildfire

Jody Ness


wildfire steakhouse & wine bars

“U-Feast makes great business sense even for established owners/operators because it allows us to capture revenues we wouldn’t otherwise get and build our brand with no risk/no worry.”

By becoming a U-Feast partner you will:

  • Gain exposure to an entirely new group of clients
  • Promote your brand through social media marketing and sponsorship tie-ins
  • Get to experiment with new menu ideas with real customer feedback
  • Gain access to our purchasing platform for all of your special events
  • Increase revenues by utilizing off-peak capacity

And all of this at no cost to you!

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